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Temora Youth Event Management Team Leadership


This team will be responsible for running large-scale events for the young people of the Temora Township and villages. Their primary functions: • Formulate event ideas • Develop event goals and objectives • Work with the Youth Officer to have the ideas approved for action • Establish a Budget • Set a Date • Brand the event • Create a master plan and determine administrative processes • Identify and establish partnerships & sponsors • Create a publicity plan in conjunction with Youth Media and Promotions Team • Partner with other teams including the Youth Hospitality Team on events • Run and evaluate success of the event

Temora Youth Culture and Performing Arts Leadership Team


The purpose of this team is to provide fun activities for 10-25 year age group at Platform Y on a regular basis. Their primary functions will include: • Fundraise, applying for grants, donations or loans to help pay for their projects • Set up a schedule of events that utilise Platform Y • Events may include art, performance, music, dance, gaming, band, choir… • Promote and market events and or drop in times • Run drama games and improvisation activities • Supporting other teams in the delivery of their programs

Temora Youth Entrepreneurs Team Leadership


The purpose of this team will be to establish a group with the skills and experience to create products or services for sale to the local and wider community. Their primary functions will include: • Partner with community organisations and businesses • Volunteer, fundraise, apply for grants, donations or loans to help pay for their projects, or create good will for training • Organise and complete mentoring and training in product/service development and marketing • Identify a problem that needs to be solved • Research possible solutions • Create new ideas and prototypes • Create a final design or service and test • Create the saleable item • Partner with Youth Media and Promotions team to promote

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