FAQs - for volunteers

? I can’t find a volunteer opportunity that suits me – is that it?

- No way … send us a message via the Can’t Find What You Want? link in the search section. Give us a little information and we’ll do our best to link you up with an organisation specific to your request.

? Do I need my parent’s permission to participate?

- If you are under 16-years-old, yes. As a part of the signing up process, you’ll need to give us some contact info for a parent or guardian so we can make sure they know what’s happening.

? I don’t want to commit to volunteering all year, but I’d like to do something during the school holidays? Is that possible?

- Absolutely. We’re working with organisations who run one-off events and need volunteers to make them happen, or with others who can easily find a volunteer opportunity to suit you over a short period. It could even be a chance for an organisation to give their long time volunteer a break for a week or two while you fill their spot. If you can’t find a short term volunteer opportunity which suits you, go to the Can’t Find What You Want? link in the search section, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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